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First digital political rally from Babacan

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DEVA Party became the first political party in the world to organize a digital political rally. General Leader Ali Babacan entered the rally area in Metaverse with his own avatar.

ANKARA (IGFA)-DEVA Party General Leader Ali Babacan, who organizes digital political rallies around the world, entered his space in Metaverse with his own avatar.

Images of Babacan wearing VR glasses were projected onto the screen in the digital meeting area.

Celebrating the 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day in his speech here, Babacan said, “Today we are always witnessing history together. As DEVA Party, we are signing a first in the world. We’re holding the first political rally on the Metaverse. As the first political party to offer NFT, we are meeting first on the Ethereum blockchain. We were the first party to buy a headquarters building in the Metaverse world. We always DEVAVERSE the Metaverse together today. To those who stand in front of young people on the right and left and say ‘Take out your phone’, let’s always say ‘Take out your phone, we are on the Metaverse’,” Babacan said. We will make Turkey the country of new inventions and creative ideas. We will not say to any young person, ‘Don’t make inventions on our own. We will say whatever happens, create new inventions and open new jobs. We will become stronger when we become a Turkey with an idea and production base. We will become stronger when we become a Turkey that exports to the world with brands.”

Stating that they will equip young people with the knowledge and dexterity of the new world, Babacan said, “We will provide every high school graduate with the opportunity to have algorithms and basic coding skills. We will offer elective courses on artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship and cyber security in high schools. We will provide free access to the internet to all young people under the age of 25. We see these as a need, not a luxury in our age. We do not recognize any power that can stand in the way of a Turkey where young people can easily access opportunities,” he said.

“Obviously they put it on their agenda. I wake up every day in Beştepe and say, ‘What should I ban today?’ They make a job list. They are trying to make Turkey the country of prohibitions. Almost all of the pandemic bans were lifted quickly. However, the night music ban remains. They cannot tolerate any different sound, any different word. Because they do not have a democratic mentality.”

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