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First day of the week in the markets: how much was the pound? (June 6, 2022)

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Sterling is rising. The most searched phrase on the first day of the week is “why is the sterling rising, will the sterling continue to rise?” had questions.

While the purchase price of Sterling is 20,7480 TL, the selling price is 20,7977 TL. Sterling closed at 20.7728.

Domestically, the monthly price developments report to be published by the CBRT and the real effective exchange rate index data for May will be followed.


Following the data agenda, a cabinet meeting will be followed, which will include 3600 additional indicators, which concern 5 million civil servants and retirees.

Collateral, liquidity and macroprudential measures, which the CBRT announced in the MPC summaries published last week, are another agenda item followed in the markets.

In this context, possible changes in the GDDS basket or rate of the collateral blockage applied for three-month repo and swap processes are monitored for liquidity collateral. For additional macro measures, possible changes in the required reserve application to newly initiated loans, other than selective loans, are followed.


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