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Fireworks accident in Mexico: Many injured

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Fireworks exploded uncontrollably during a religious ceremony held in the town of San Juan Tepa in Hidalgo, Mexico.

It was stated that 15 people were injured due to the explosion, while firefighters and medical teams were sent to the scene. While 7 of those injured in the explosion were treated on an outpatient basis, 8 of them were hospitalized. Authorities announced that 3 of the 8 injured people were transferred to the hospital by helicopter.

Hidalgo State Governor Omar Fayad said in a statement that he had instructed the authorities to intervene as soon as possible, and he also appointed the authorities to provide reinforcements to the injured and their families.

While it was announced that no one lost their lives in the incident, it was reported that the explosion occurred as a result of the fireworks that were ready to be used in the ceremony.

5 people, including 2 children, were injured in the accident that occurred during the fireworks show held in an amusement park in Zinacantepec, Mexico.

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