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Fethi Başağa: We want to enter Tripoli without bloodshed

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Fethi Başağa, who was appointed as the new prime minister by the House of Representatives in Tobruk, east of Libya, made statements regarding the country’s administration at a ceremony in Sirte.

Fethi Başağa noted that in case of conflict with Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dibeybe’s government in Tripoli, the government under his administration would carry out its mission from Sirte.

said to Başağa, “We want to fulfill our duty in the capital Tripoli without spilling a single drop of blood, but if this is not possible, we can carry out our duty from Sirte.”

Başağa also stated that Sirte connects the east of the country to the west and south, and that the city does not have tensions or hostilities with other cities in the country.


Fethi Başağa, stating that each country has different interests in Libya, said that the conflict is in the middle of the warring countries in Libya.

Basaga said, “Our disagreement does not exceed 20 percent. Despite the differences in Libya, the reference point is the homeland.”


In the November 2020 meetings of the UN-led Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, it was decided to hold the presidential and parliamentary elections in the country on 24 December 2021, but the elections could not be held on the scheduled date. .

The House of Representatives in Tobruk elected Fethi Başağa as prime minister on February 10, in a session where many of the deputies in the west of the country did not attend, on the grounds that the current National Unity Government’s mandate expired on December 24, 2021. gave his government a vote of confidence.

Abdulhamid Dibey, on the other hand, accused the House of Representatives of deviating from the road map determined in the Geneva Consensus and declared that he was at the beginning of his mission and that he would hand over the mission to an government elected.

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