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Fear of ‘losing social media’: ‘FoMO’

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The use of social media has started to become a factor that is increasing day by day and managing life. Speaking on the subject, Prof. Dr. Ekrem Cüneyt Cihan explained that social media addiction and the anxiety of ‘being missing from social media’ cause mental disorders.

Cihan stated that the virtual world disease FoMO reduces the overall life satisfaction and satisfaction, Cihan said, “In today’s world, individuals spend most of their time sharing information on social networks, following well-known topics, updating their ‘status’ and interacting with and monitoring behavior, the fear of missing out, led to the birth of a new concept called FoMO .


Stating that FoMO is defined as “an individual’s anxiety about missing out on rewarding experiences in social networks” , Cihan said:


Evren identified the variables associated with FoMO as “social media addiction, tension while using social networking sites, cell phone use while driving, social media fatigue, decreased self-esteem, poor sleep, cell phone use while learning, incompatibility with education, smartphone addiction, listed as “depression and anxiety” .

Cihan stated that the excessive use of social networks, which causes individuals to be more isolated from the society, deepens their loneliness, and stated that the incidence of FoMO is higher in young people and especially in young men.

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