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Farmers’ Assembly from Kayseri Şeker

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Farmers’ Assembly, one of Kayseri Şeker’s exemplary practices for the department, held its 22nd meeting. While the main agenda of the meeting, which was held under the heavy interest of the farmers, was the assignment loan, information was given on the assignment loan agreement with Vakıfbank, which provides great advantages to the farmers.

Kayseri Şeker 22nd Farmers’ Assembly meeting was held at the 15 July Martyrs’ Conference Hall. At the meeting; A presentation was made by Kayseri Şeker Finance and Investor Bonds Manager Orhan İnik, regarding the agreement regarding the assignment loan and electricity bills, which provide great advantages to the farmers, in cooperation with Kayseri Şeker – Vakıfbank. While all the details of the contract were explained in the presentation, the questions of the farmers were also answered.

Members of the council, who spoke at the Farmers’ Assembly, expressed their satisfaction for the support and support of Kayseri Seker in every aspect, starting from the production process, thanking Leader Hüseyin Akay and saying that they have full support.

Later in the meeting, the Leader of the Kayseri Beet Growers Cooperative Board of Directors Hüseyin Akay, in his speech addressed to the Assembly Members, noting that Kayseri Sugar farmers are making efforts in every platform to make their production more comfortable, “Vakifbank, the farmer and the farmer. He made an offer especially to Kayseri Şeker to contribute to agriculture. Our farmers cannot benefit from Ziraat Bank’s discounted loans because beet is not included in the ÇKS records. There is an opportunity to use an assignment over 150 TL per ton, and anyone who can use it. Again, within the framework of the agreement we made with Vakıfbank, our farmers are required to pay their electricity bills. We also offered two options at the point of. is to allocate a single measure credit limit and to apply over the interest, to make automatic payment as the invoice comes. hoice here is entirely yours, we are there. Evaluations will be made on the electricity meter you can use with the bank, and Vakıfbank will be notified and your bills will be met in this way if requested.

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