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Farmers are waiting for wheat purchase price

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Harvest has started in wheat, which is the raw material of many works in Adana, one of Turkey’s valuable cereal production centers. In Adana, where Turkey’s first wheat harvest took place, combines started to work in the fields of Karataş district.

Farmers, who produce in areas outside the city’s coastline, are waiting for their works to mature. This year, 1 million 400 thousand decares of wheat were planted throughout the city, with a decrease of approximately 25 percent compared to last year. A total yield of 700 thousand tons is expected in wheat, which yields between 500 and 750 kilograms per decare.

After the Ukraine-Russia war, the eyes of the farmers are on the wheat purchase prices for the strategically important wheat. Farmers expect the prices to be at least 7 liras.

Speaking to İhlas News Agency during the harvest, Mehmet Akın Doğan, the Leader of Yuregir Chamber of Agriculture, said that the wheat was affected by the cold weather and the harvest started with a delay of 2 weeks. Noting that the yield of early-grade wheat is 500 kilograms per acre, Doğan said, “The Virgos have been damaged by the cold, but we expect a yield per acre in the middle of at least 500 to 700 kilograms in regions that do not eat cold.”


Leader Doğan stated that last year the prices were 2 liras and 25 kurus per kilogram and this year it should be at least 7 liras. We are looking forward to the prices this year as well. It should be at least 7 pounds. As Turkey, we produced 17 million tons of wheat last year, but we are in need of 20 million 500 thousand tons of wheat. We have a deficit of 3 million 500 thousand tons of wheat,” he said.


Pointing out that wheat cultivation areas decreased with the increase in alternative works, Doğan said that the value of wheat emerged once again after the Ukraine-Russia war. Doğan said, “Right now, wheat prices are very high in world markets. At least 7 pounds per kilogram. If our prices are below 7 liras, this will not save our farmer. We expect an increase in strength in wheat, as in sunflower, soybean and cotton. Our farmer has reduced wheat cultivation areas due to alternative works. However, with war, the value of wheat emerged once again. If the supplements and the price are satisfactory this year, our wheat planting area will increase next year and our foreign dependency will disappear.”

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