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Experts warn: Spending hours in front of the TV and snacking is dangerous for the heart

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Researchers from the University of Cambridge in the UK and the University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong recommend reducing the daily TV hour to less than an hour.

They also argue that thousands of people who break the habit of binge snacking while watching something can be prevented from developing heart disease.

According to the news of the Daily Mail, in the study published in the journal BMC Medicine, experts used the health information of 373,026 British participants and also examined their genetic susceptibility to heart disease. The volunteers were followed for 13 years.

Evaluating their responses to the questionnaires, they examined people who watched television for different periods of time.


According to the results, those who watch less than an hour of TV a day are 16 percent less likely to develop coronary heart disease than those who watch four hours or more.

Experts say that the significantly reduced rate of heart disease is independent of any random genetic risk.

Scientists recommended that people move at least in the middle of the episodes to break their immobility. In addition, people should give up snacks such as chips and chocolate that they consume while watching something.

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