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Experts explained: Psychiatric issues are increasing in people who have had Covid-19

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In these days when the contagion rate and lethality of Covid-19 slowed down, experts started to focus on another negative side of the epidemic.

Stating that Covid-19 is open to not only pulmonary but also psychiatric problems, experts emphasized that the organic causes of the virus, in addition to the psychological effect, also lead to problems such as distress, depression, panic attacks and anxiety. Psychiatrist Dr. Süleyman Korkmaz made a statement about the effects of Covid-19 on human psychiatry.


Mentioning that Covid-19 has disrupted human psychology, Psychiatrist Dr. Süleyman Korkmaz said, “The Covid-19 epidemic started and affected the whole world. After a while, the deaths started. Everyone around them lost their relatives due to Covid-19. This raised a concern. At that time, patients with panic attacks and panic disorder began to come to us.

– Restrictions and closures have negatively affected people’s old habits. We have started to see cases of future anxiety and current environment depression, anxiety disorder and panic attack more frequently in outpatient clinics. The incidence of these events is much more than in the past. At first we thought that this situation was caused by spiritual influences.

– nowadays, when the pandemic has decreased and more than 2 years have passed, we have seen in our meetings with the physicians that these events are not only affected by the spiritual, but also that the Covid-19 virus itself has a team effect on the border system and the brain. We see from the patients who come that people show a group of psychiatric symptoms due to Covid-19. Many of the patients who caught the virus say, ‘I had Covid-19 3-5 months ago, I started to experience these gloom’. There is no official diagnosis of this, but we called it ‘Kovid anxiety’ with our friends in our midst. After the necessary research is done, a group of analyzes will definitely enter the medical literature.


Mentioning that time and research will show whether the diseases of individuals with psychiatric problems are permanent or not, Korkmaz said, “On the other hand, due to the mental effects and fluctuations of Covid-19, and the destruction caused by the virus itself, which we call organic, a number of psychiatric symptoms have been observed. In the last year, I have personally observed anxiety symptoms, panic attacks and depression in individuals who have had many Covid-19 cases. Will these effects be permanent? What will happen in the future? Where to spend? We do not know these. At first, we were worried about our lives. We tried not to die. Its effects on the lung and border system are being examined, but time will tell if it will have any permanent effects on the spiritual as well.

Scientific studies will clarify this situation. Time will tell if there will be a permanent group situation in the future. On the other hand, I did not see the symptoms of speech in people who were vaccinated. “We have frequently encountered panic attacks, depression and irritability in those who had Covid-19 and were not vaccinated,” he said.

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