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Expert warns: ‘hypertension’ symptoms in children should be paid attention

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Pediatric Nephrology Specialist Assoc. Dr. His Övünç Hacıhamdioğlu made valuable statements about the factors that cause hypertension in children and the issues that families should pay attention to.

Hacıhamdioğlu underlined that the increase in the incidence of obesity and obesity, the change in dietary habits, the pandemic and the adoption of a sedentary life with the impact of the digitalized world affect children as well as adults.

Pointing out that hypertension, which is known as a late adult disease in the society, can occur at a much earlier age, on the contrary, Assoc. Dr. “Hypertension, the frequency of which has increased in children in recent years, has started to become a valuable health problem in our society,” Hacıhamdioğlu said.


Stating that one out of every 3 individuals in Turkey has hypertension, Assoc. Dr. His Övünç Hacıhamdioğlu said that this high rate is also a very valuable factor in the genetic transfer of the disease.

Hacıhamdioğlu said, “A parent with high blood pressure can pass this disease on to their child through a gene and increase the risk of developing hypertension. Since hypertension is not subject to natural selection, the increase in the number of individuals with genetic tendencies in society is a normal but preventable process. Therefore, early diagnosis is very important in the childhood age group.”


Stating that it is very valuable to measure blood pressure for all children over the age of 3 during health checks, Assoc. Dr. His Övünç Hacıhamdioğlu explained the reason for this as follows:

“It is very valuable that children with hypertension, diabetes, a problem related to blood fats, stroke, heart attack, vascular occlusion, familial kidney and hormonal diseases should be screened with an easy blood pressure measurement without waiting for the development of complaints, especially in their relatives. The precious advantage in children is the chance to return the signs of damage caused by hypertension when blood pressure returns to normal. Therefore, early detection in the childhood age cluster gains a lot of value.”

Assoc. Dr. Hacıhamdioğlu said the following about the situations where blood pressure measurement is recommended before the age of 3:

“If the child patient has a condition such as congenital heart or kidney disease, premature birth, organ transplantation, cancer, and chronic drug use that can increase blood pressure, blood pressure measurement is recommended in routine controls before the age of 3 years.”


Emphasizing that the symptoms of hypertension, which is a chronic disease, are quite wide, Assoc. Dr. His Övünç Hacıhamdioğlu pointed out that some complaints cannot be associated with hypertension by families.

Assoc. Dr. Hacıhamdioğlu shared the following information about the symptoms of hypertension:

“Waking up and urinating at night, coldness in the extremities (such as hands and feet), limpness due to pain in the hip or leg while walking, palpitation, sweating, feeling of hot flashes, pallor, sudden redness of the face, fatigue , weakness, headache, nose Bleeding, dizziness, visual field changes, loss of consciousness, fainting, decreased performance, need for deep breathing or chest pain, hypertension-related complaints may occur.


Underlining that not only the children but also the children should be motivated to do what can be done for the purpose of protection, the family should also provide harmony. Dr. Hacıhamdioğlu said the following about habits that can be changed:

“Restricting salt consumption is one of the most valuable measures to be taken. Bread, olives, cheese, pickles, tomato paste, processed meat are generally high salt products. Salt-free ones can be preferred or alternative foods should be consumed. Our body tends to take the salt from the foods that you do not taste salty to our organism. As much as possible, we need to protect the taste of both ourselves and our children from foods that are called ‘fast food’, which can be quite high in salt.”


Stating that life style and habits are very valuable to prevent hypertension, Assoc. Dr. Hacıhamdioğlu said, “Changing to a nutrition system loaded with vegetables and fruits, limiting the use of caffeine, power drinks, carbonated – sugary drinks, reducing saturated fats (animal fats), adopting an active life, increasing physical activity, staying away from cigarette exposure (preventing passive smoking for children) ), computer and limiting the time in front of the television to 2 hours are the factors that will improve the state of being healthy” and his words.

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