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Expert warns: ‘ADHD disease may originate from social media’

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While ‘social media’ continues to create ‘new diseases’ day by day; It can also trigger existing health problems. Psychiatrist Dr. İtimat Kızılkale made statements about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Stating that the symptoms of ADHD start in infancy, 70-80 percent continue in adolescence and 50 percent continue in near adulthood. Dr. Kızılkale said, “The first symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder may appear in infancy with symptoms such as crying a lot, distress soothing, distress feeding, very active and always chasing new stimuli.”


Stating that ‘scrolling down’ in the use of social media always stimulates the brain and therefore the brain always tries to adapt to a new visual, Exp. Dr. Kızılkale said, “In this process, individuals may have difficulty focusing on a fixed screen in the long run and their attention may always shift to another stimulus while watching movies-series or working. We see that the most common comorbid diagnosis in social media and internet addiction is attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Internet addiction can lead to many mental problems. In the treatment of social media addiction, it is very important for the addicted person to establish an effective connection with others. The person needs to control himself and restrict the use of social media and the internet.”


Stating that attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder can disrupt the flow of social and business life, Uzm. Dr. Kızılkale said, “The use of social media should be terminated. ADHD and social media addiction can be prevented with easy measures such as disabling notifications, deleting some famous social media applications from the phone, choosing a time to enter, starting a new hobby, meeting new people, spending more time with loved ones, and turning off the phone at least two hours before bedtime. ” he said.


exp. Dr. Kızılkale explained ADHD symptoms as follows:

“Don’t bother starting a job, don’t procrastinate often. Don’t bother with many tasks at once, keeping track of them and completing them. Do not quickly say what comes to your mind without calculating the appropriate place and time. Don’t chase big thrills often. Inability to bear the feeling of emptiness and misery. Not following the ways and rules followed by everyone. Impatience, low frustration threshold. Impulsivity (acting without thinking). Frequent mood changes. Do not flash, do not react. Low self-esteem. Frequent finger snapping, snapping, or tapping. Frequent job changes. Can’t stand the tension.

Don’t have trouble using time. Forgetfulness Verbal aggression. physical aggression. Drug issue or drug abuse use. Do not have problems with substances. Depression. Do not engage in self-destructive behavior. Don’t be finite and nervous for no random reason. A long-standing feeling of unhappiness. It can be listed as I cannot reach a level that is compatible with my own intelligence and ingenuity capacity.”

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