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‘Exercise’ advice to breast cancer patients

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prof. Dr. Uğur Coşkun, Janice Kiecolt-Glaser et al., in their study published last month in the journal “Brain, Behavior and Immunity”, evaluated the immune response status with the measurement of inflammatory proteins and white blood cells measured in the blood.

In their statement on the study, the experts said, “published by Ohio State University In this study, the fitness level of patients diagnosed with breast cancer was found to be slightly weaker than the cluster. In the evaluation of immune response measured by applying typhoid vaccine, it was determined that if there is a slightly more favorable condition due to exercise, the immune response is higher in patients with breast cancer, but if the condition is weak, the immunity remains at a low level.

“According to our previous information, we thought that systematic training might have a preventive effect on the development of certain cancers such as bowel, breast and kidney by strengthening the immune system,” said Prof. Dr. Uğur Coşkun stated that this theory is supported by the results of this study. prof. Dr. Coşkun said, “Immune system weakness can continue for a long time, especially in patients receiving chemotherapy. This can invite many diseases, especially infections, in the post-treatment process. When we look at the results of the study here, we can say that if we increase our condition level by doing regular training in the post-chemotherapy process, we can get rid of this negative effect of chemotherapy as soon as possible.

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