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Exemplary application again from Kocaeli… 41 Card Medical Supplement was put into practice

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Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has started an application that will be a model for Turkey again. Sick and disabled citizens will be able to purchase works in need from 62 medical companies with 41 Cards.

KOCAELİ (İGFA) – Continuing to work with the understanding of “Let people live so that the state can live”, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to its projects for disadvantaged clusters.

With the 41 Card Medical Basis application, reinforcements will be given for devices and consumables included in the Health Committee Reports of patients and disabled individuals or prescribed by the doctor.

The Metropolitan, which fulfills the requirements of the social state understanding, will meet the devices and consumables included in the Health Council Reports of the needy and disabled individuals or prescribed by the physician with 41 Cards with the Medical Basis description. 41 Cards with Medical Supplement recipe will be valid in 62 medical companies affiliated to Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce.

Speaking at the launch of the program, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Leader Tahir Büyükakın said that they increased the monthly supplement given by the Metropolitan to severely disabled citizens to 1,000 TL.

Reminding that they gave a medical basis, Büyükakın said, “But we realized that there are medical aids paid or not paid by the SGK and that there are some grievances here. For example, a monthly medical equipment expenditure of a brother can reach five thousand It is a valuable number in terms of family budget. We are also at this point. We said that we need to produce analysis. Actually, we were providing food, clothing and cash basis with 41 cards. 41 Card itself was a novelty for Turkey,” he said.


Leader Büyükakın stated that it takes time for citizens to complete their aid applications to the Metropolitan Municipality, and reminded that those who need medical materials have their needs written with a doctor’s report, but some of them are paid and some are not. Büyükakın said, “We said, “What can we do as a municipality about this unpaid part? We sat down and worked on it. There are those who receive assistance for the severely disabled. They were receiving 400 lira from us, we increased it to 1,000 TL. In addition, we provided our 2,500 disabled and sick citizens with 41 Medical Supplementary Cards monthly. We will give a support of 750 TL. Thus, it will be the subject of words to support a person with a disability or a severely disabled person, up to 21 thousand liras per year. Touching people’s lives is the precious duty of the municipality. In total, an estimated annual budget of 40-45 million will be incurred. I hope it will lead other applications,” he said.

1,177,000 TL SUPPORT IN 2021

With the 41 Medical Support Card, the 41 Card will be able to supply many supplies such as wheelchairs, battery powered chairs, hearing aids, prostheses, ventilator devices, probes, patient diapers, colostomy bags, care items that patients and disabled individuals need. Since 2021, a medical basis has been provided in the amount of 1 million 177 thousand TL.

In addition, 2 thousand 500 disabled and sick citizens will be given a monthly supplement of 750 TL. The monthly aid of 400 TL, which is already given to 1,200 severely disabled citizens by the Metropolitan Municipality, will be increased to 1,000 TL per month as of this month. A monthly aid of 1,750 TL will be provided to our citizens who are within the scope of severe disability.


On the other hand, Gölcük Disabled People’s Association Leader Hasan Bat, who spoke at the breakfast meeting, thanked us for hearing the voices of disabled people, who experienced the worst pain with a cloth and a probe, and for welcoming them as well. Bat said, “When I look today, we have all of our medical materials. Head’s intent is to call Tahir Leader.”

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