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Evil eye beads from Yelda Basaran

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The sympathetic presenter of the screens, Expert Psychologist and eating disorders consultant Yelda Basaran, “Do you want to lose weight where you sit?” She started the promotional activities of her book named she.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – The book of expert psychologist Yelda Başaran, which attracted attention in a short time, also attracted the attention of the famous artist Seda Sayan and hosted it in her program.

Seda Sayan, who got married to Çağlar Ökten, received the marriage gift from her guest, Yelda Başaran. The famous presenter and psychologist Yelda Başaran, who came to the program with the evil eye bead on which she put the photograph of the famous artist and her husband, gave her gift to Seda Sayan with the wish “I believe in the evil eye, let the evil eye befall your marriage, and live happily ever after”.

“Would you like to lose weight in your seat?” Yelda Başaran, who applied the weight loss techniques in her book, found both Seda Sayan and her husband Çağlar Ökten very fit in the program she came to with a tape measure in her hand. Yelda Başaran, who published her first book under the label of Artemis Publications, also repeated the argument that it is the mind that beautifies the body.

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