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Everyone thought she was pregnant, the truth turned out to be very different

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The health problem of Raquel Rodriguez, who lives in Minnesota, started about 5 years ago.

When the young woman started to feel pain while having sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, she went to the doctor with the suspicion of infection in the kidney and urinary tract. However, the doctors said that the young lady had an 8-centimeter cyst on her ovaries and she didn’t need to worry.

Physicians, who said that the pain she experienced while having sexual intercourse could be another reason, sent the young woman to her home by giving her painkillers.

But over time, this cyst in the young woman’s body started to grow.

Rodriguez described those moments when his life turned into a nightmare:

“I was short of breath and always bloated. People asked me, ‘When are you going to give birth?’ “I didn’t know you were pregnant. Why didn’t you tell me?” I had friends who said.

Rodriguez, whose health problem became unbearable, finally made his way to the hospital again.


Investigations at the hospital revealed that the cyst on Rodriguez’s ovaries had grown and needed immediate surgery.

It was announced that a cyst weighing about 5 kilograms was removed from the ovaries of the young woman with surgery.

Rodriguez talked about the change he experienced after a powerful surgery on social media.

Rodriguez said that his health condition was good and that the length of the cyst removed after 2 hours of surgery was 28 centimeters.

The young lady said, “It is very fortunate that this tumor is not cancer. “Otherwise I wouldn’t be alive right now,” he said.

Before his surgery, Rodriguez’s friends threw him a surprise baby shower. In the photos posted on TikTok, Rodriguez said, “It’s a cyst!” She is seen hugging her fist while posing next to a sign that says

“Everybody had to assume how heavy my cyst would be,” laughs Rodriguez. “That was pretty funny,” says Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said he felt the same again four weeks after the surgery. he said he.

@rockiesoto33 Alright heres the very requested timeline of my 28cm ovarian cyst! ???? #NOTpregnant #notasurrogate #notadopted ♬ original sound – Raquel Rodriguez Soto
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