Evaluation of the election from Murat Karayalçın: He pointed to Muharrem İnce

Former SHP Chairman and former minister Murat Karayalçın made remarkable statements about the election results in the program he attended on Sözcü TV.

Karayalçın said about the difference in the election result, “I had different expectations. I was predicting that he would make it to the second round, but I thought that Kemal would finish first in the first round and move on to the second round like that. But as most of us did not predict, my prediction did not come out.”


Karayalçın, who made a statement about the aspects of the opposition, said, “What we lacked is that we could not make the Nation Alliance strong enough. We had friends but not all of our relatives. There could have been a wider union, but it could not be achieved. Attempts were made to achieve it, but no results could be obtained. We are comparing a few points. If “If a wide unity had been achieved, these few points could have been closed. For example, I think that a significant part of Sinan Oğan’s vote, which was around 5 and a half percent, may have gone from those who supported Muharrem İnce.”


When you say our relatives, do you mean Muharrem İnce? Responding to the question, Karayalçın said, “Mr. Muharrem… We have close relatives, we have distant relatives. I think that the True Party might have needed to be here as well. In fact, the DSP should have withdrawn at least to be here. It seems like these are missing. “I think we could close the gap by a few points,” he said.

According to YSK data, all ballot boxes have been opened. Here is the latest situation in the Presidential elections:

People’s Alliance candidate, Recep Tayyip Erdogan:49.51 percent

National Alliance candidate Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu:44.88 percent

Sinan Ogan, candidate of the Ata Alliance:5.17 percent

Muharrem Ince:0.44 percent

* According to inconclusive results; It was seen that no candidate could get the eligibility for election and the election went to the second round.


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