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Eurozone investor confidence exceeds expectations for the first time

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Sentix euro zone investor belief index, announced today, rose to -15.8 points in June, after seeing its lowest level since June 2020 with -22.6 in May.

The data of a survey organized by Reuters, on the other hand, indicated that the index would be appreciated as -20 in June.

Manfred Huebner, Managing Director of Sentix, said: “As impressive as the situation and prospects may seem at first glance, this does not indicate that the situation has improved.”


Huebner said that while consumers are already facing the challenges posed by high prices, many companies have also been successful in passing sharp rises in prices to their customers and are taking advantage of people’s rush to purchase goods and services before price increases.

On the other hand, Huebner said that this era will end with the last consumers having to save at some point and that monetary policy in the euro area may tighten even more as of June.

The index, which reflects the views of investors about the new economic conditions, rose to -7.3 in June after seeing -10.5 in May, while the index reflecting their future expectations rose to -24 in June after seeing -34 in May.

In mid-June 2-4, 1,225 investors participated in the Sentix survey.

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