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EU to Turkey: doing a pretty good job amid the war

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The High Representative of the European Union (EU) Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell made an assessment to the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper regarding the Russia-Ukraine War.

High Representative Josep Borrell, pointing out that Turkey or the United Nations (UN) are the ideal mediators in the Ukraine war, “Turkey is doing a pretty good job in this process. It has good relations with both sides , but of course, the UN is the most competent in mediation.” It’s about getting involved,” he said.

Borrell, emphasizing that the EU cannot be a mediator, said: “We cannot be.


Borrell underlined that the EU will do more for Ukraine to win the war, and used the following terms:

“To supply weapons to Ukraine, to weaken the Russian economy, to isolate Russia internationally. I don’t understand those who say that the more weapons you provide to Ukraine, the longer the war will last and the greater the suffering of the Ukrainians. Even in Europe There are those who hold this view. I ask these people, does it not matter how this war ends? Should the Ukrainians surrender or kneel? Should they be smashed to pieces by the Russians? Is that what they want? ?

Look, wars end with negotiations, but you can sit at the negotiating table in a strong position and the current attempt is to bring the Ukrainians to this position. to try to We will also discuss this issue at the G-7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, which Germany currently chairs, in Weissensee on Thursday.”

Evaluating that in the past they were naive enough to trust only and completely Russia on certain issues, “For example, there was not even a random LNG terminal in Germany. We must admit that we committed a mistake in the past that we now need to correct. The continuation process will take a little longer, but we will get rid of Russian gas.”

Borrell pointed out that no one in the EU could stop the natural gas and oil supply from Russia overnight, “Countries like Hungary, ‘oil tankers’ He has logical objective reasons for saying, ‘I don’t have a different shoreline and pipeline for That’s why we need a one-size-fits-all solution.”


Borrell noted the following regarding the cancellation of the EU’s duty to train the Malian Armed Forces in the Sahel Region :

” In the Sahel, we are dealing with terrorism, fault, shepherd-farmer conflict, ethnicity and artificial border confusion. The main message here was: You can’t solve this by sending Leopard tanks. can never end the war there unless you win the peace. This process has strong political and social components.”

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