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EU announced: Concerns about Hungary continue, we will continue to work together

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Didier Reynders, Member of the European Union (EU) Committee for Justice, spoke at the press conference held after the meeting of the EU countries’ ministers responsible for Union affairs.

Didier Reynders stated that the constitutional and electoral system in Hungary, independence of the judiciary and freedom of expression were discussed, adding that the elections in April were going well, open opportunities were provided for the voters to participate, but the concerns about the impartiality of the media and the transparency of the financing of the election campaigns continued.

Reynders explained that there were welcome developments in the increase in the salaries of judges and prosecutors, but that he could not report a more positive development on the rule of law.

Didier Reynders drew attention to the readiness to work to solve the problems raised with Hungary.

Reyners, on the question of the journalists about the 7th issue and conditionality procedures, stated that the two processes are different from each other, that the processes are continuing and that the dialogue with the new government will be resumed.

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