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Error Announcement from Muğla Marmaris to President Erdoğan

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In Muğla, CHP Marmaris District Presidency filed a criminal complaint against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the Marmaris Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

AJANS CANKA / MUĞLA (IGFA) – CHP Marmaris District Leader Atty. Zekican Balcı claimed that President Erdoğan committed the mistakes of insulting, hurting the people to hatred and enmity, misusing his duty, and discriminating based on hatred.

Making a statement in front of the Marmaris Courthouse, Leader Balcı drew attention to the speech made by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the AK Party cluster meeting last week, arguing that the size of the event had moved to a different place.

Erdogan said, “We are in the 9th year of the events that went down in our history as a betrayal, shame and vandalism document. The events flared up around the end of May and the beginning of June 2013, with the claim that a few trees in the travel park in Istanbul were cut down. The spark that sparked with the excuse of a tree suddenly turned into an attempt to target the Turkish government, national projects and international interests. Imagine that Dolmabahçe Bezmi alem was inside the Valide Sultan Masjid, these bandits, these terrorists, they had almost polluted the inside of the mosque with beer bottles and beer cans. They’re like that, they’re rotten, they’re bitches. What is a great temple for them, there is no such thing.” He reminded me that he used words in his form.

Underlining that they do not accept the terms ‘rotten’ and ‘slut’ as people living in Marmaris, Balcı said, “The word ‘slut’ was used for women, ‘rotten’ for men! “I did my military service. I do not accept this term rotten on my own behalf. The ladies you see behind me do not accept the word slut,” he said.

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