Erdogan is in Istanbul one day before the election: CHP is again in the target

President and AKP Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is making statements at the rally held in Ümraniye, Istanbul, one day before the election.

The lines that stand out from Erdoğan’s words are as follows:

* Dear people of Istanbul, dear people of Ümraniye, the crown of our heads, precious ladies, the guarantee of our future, precious young people. I greet you with my most heartfelt feelings and love. Umraniye, the sultan of my heart, is another beautiful day today. Here, I almost see the continuation of the great Istanbul rally.

* I would like to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for your love, enthusiasm and commitment. Umraniye’s companionship is very important to us. Together, we brought this district of ours from the time when its garbage dump exploded and our people died under it, to the shining star of today’s Istanbul. We will build the Turkish Century together with Ümraniye.


* You remember when the Umraniye dumpster exploded, right? Hey CHP, how will you account for this? CHP means garbage, means pit, means thirst. Who saved Istanbul from these?


* We wrote a love letter to our country with the love we feel for our history and our nation at every step we take in every job we do. We wrote a love letter to our nation, regardless of origin or belief. While reading, we wrote a love letter to our young people, who will sometimes bring tears to their eyes and sometimes smile. While weaving this letter, stitch by stitch, there were few beautiful things that could be written. We have built invisible bridges from heart to heart.

* We have built bridges of conscience that cross the borders of our country and embrace the whole world. Now we are on the eve of that historical day when obstacles were overcome on the threshold of the Turkish Century, dreams turned into reality, and we took a step from reality to the future. The addressee of the love letter we wrote will be the century of our nation. The century of Türkiye will be the century of all of us.


* We see the May 14 elections as a democracy feast where we protect the future of our country, the achievements of our nation, and the goals of our state. O Türkiye, O Istanbul, O Umraniye, are you with us in this struggle? Are you ready to show the power of the ballot box to those who do forty somersaults to overshadow the national will? Will you defend the honor of the ballot box against those who try to eliminate their opponents with tapes as they came to the presidency instead of competing with Mert? Are you ready not to enter the hearts of the nation, but to see the government arm in arm with the terrorist organization, to enter their hearts and to hit the ballot box? Are you ready to give the necessary answer at the ballot box to those who received the instruction from Qandil?

* Are you ready to bury those who promise to sell the country’s values ​​to foreigners and moneylenders? Are you ready to join us to complete our unfinished programs and investments on the road to the Turkish Century? What will we do for this? Are you ready to work without stopping and rest until the polls close tomorrow?


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