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ENOUGH Party Increment reaction from Kayseri

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Kazım Yücel from the Good Party found the formula for the AK Party government to reduce the queues that emerged across the country. Yucel stated that the citizens stopped making efforts with the increase and the government, and said, “The government solved the problem of the queue, which caused controversy in the society, by increasing it. There are no longer queues anywhere. The people stopped making efforts with the AK Party.”

Kazım Yücel, Deputy Chairman of the Alâ Party Cluster of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Council, stated that the AK Party government has solved the queue problem throughout the country with the increase. Making a statement in front of a fuel station, Yücel from Güzel Party reacted to the increases.

Reminding that they were broadcasting many times as fuel prices rose from 8 TL to 9 TL, Yücel said, “Before the news of the increase to be made in those times, everyone was forming long queues everywhere. Up to 20 TL, people gave up But fuel prices When it comes to half past 26, there are no longer queues at the gas stations. So if there are queues, you will raise the prices to eliminate these queues and the citizens will not be able to buy them. We encountered a lot of queues for food, exactly. These queues disturbed the AK Party government. Beşerler 150 TL oil 129 He waited in line for hours to get TL. We don’t see that those who want to buy food line up anymore. There are no citizens waiting in front of the food vendors anymore. It means that an increase was needed to eliminate the queues. it out, I can’t, it doesn’t queue um. I guess I’m hungry, I guess I don’t get in the car, I guess my credit card is full, but I have nothing to say to you, says the citizen. “he spoke

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