ENOUGH Party Economic Policies Deputy Leader Kadıoğlu resigned

IYI Party Deputy Chairman of Economic Policy Özcan Kadıoğlu announced that he resigned on the grounds that the promises made to him during the establishment of the party were not kept.

Ozcan Kadıoğlu, Deputy Chairman of the IYI Party’s Economic Policy, announced on his social media account that he resigned from his post.

In his resignation statement, Kadıoğlu said, “I am announcing today because they asked me to wait at the insistence of our managers,” said Kadıoğlu, “Even though I received two Provincial Presidency offers from one party and a Founding Membership offer from another party, I pushed them all away due to loyalty to my party.”

In the continuation of his statement, Kadıoğlu briefly stated that “the promises made to him during the founding of the party were not fulfilled”.

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