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Emre Kaya, who fell from the stage, was discharged

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ISTANBUL (IGFA) – The famous artist thanked his fans who flocked to the hospital after the unfortunate accident, his fans who called or sent a message to get well soon, on his social media accounts.

“We had an unfortunate accident. In this process, I would like to express my endless thanks to all my fans who called, asked, came to the hospital or sent ‘get well soon’ wishes via messages. What greater satisfaction can one have from knowing that one is loved so much? Saying “As long as you exist,” Emre Kaya said that he will take time to rest for himself in the next period.

The manager of the famous artist, Gizem Demir, stated that Emre Kaya, who is in the middle of the artists who gave the most concerts in 2022, decreased his body resistance due to the tempo, and that he lost his stability as a result of the blood pressure problem he experienced after the concert.

Gizem Demir stated that the artist’s health condition was good and said, “It would be bullshit if I said that Emre did not scare us. I was standing right in front of him when he fell. My biggest concern was a trauma to the brain that may occur as a result of the impact. Thankfully all the tests came out clean. As they say, there is good in every bad thing. Emre, who is an indescribable stage love, will know how to spare time for himself in the next period , I think. I would like to thank all Emre Kaya fans, fans and friends who did not leave us alone during this process.”

It has been reported that the master performer will give a concert at the Manisa Sarıgöl Sultani Grape Festival on Sunday, September 11.

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