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Emphasis on ‘justice’ from former parliamentary leader Bülent Arınç

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ANKARA (IGFA) – The 22nd Era Grand National Assembly Leader Bülent Arınç shared on his social media account for the beginning of the year.

Arınç, who expressed his opinion from his social media account the recent arguments about bribery and illegal criminal organizations and politicians’ relations, said, “Recently, the disclosures made about corruption, irregularity and organized crime organizations and the developments that followed have damaged the public conscience in a significant way. It also causes a negative perception on our President. This is not the AK Party!” he used the terms.

Stating that “Clean Society” was one of the most valuable priorities when they came to the mission in 2002, Arınç said, “Today, it is clear what needs to be done. A comprehensive legal process should be started and anyone who resorts to illegal activities by using the power as their armor should be brought to justice.” gave.

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