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Electronic cigarette maker Juul in the US to pay compensation

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In the USA, electronic cigarette manufacturer Juul agreed to pay $ 440 million in compensation.

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong said in a statement to 33 states that he agreed “in principle” to pay $438.5 million in damages over a period of 6 to 10 years, as per the agreement reached with the Juul firm.

It was stated that the deal also includes many restrictions on marketing Juul’s works and will become formally stricter after it is approved in the relevant states in the coming weeks.

It is noted that the compensation measure in question corresponds to approximately 25 percent of Juul’s $1.9 billion sales in the United States last year.

Compensation lawsuits filed by 9 other states and hundreds of consumers against the Juul electronic cigarette manufacturer, on the grounds that it causes nicotine addiction, especially aimed at young people under the age of 21, are still continuing.

After the release of Juul in 2015, electronic cigarette use among teenagers increased rapidly, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared an “epidemic” for the risk of nicotine addiction among teenagers.

The FDA announced that the production and sales of all electronic cigarettes with fruit, candy, mint and sweet flavors were banned in January 2020, and on June 23 this year, on the grounds that it caused nicotine addiction in young people, all of Juul’s works were removed from the shelves.

According to US government information, it is stated that one out of every four high school students in the country uses electronic cigarettes, although it is prohibited.

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