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Election statement from Mitsotakis: The message of the results is very clear

GreeceAccording to the first unofficial results of the elections in Turkey, New Democracy leads the race with more than 40 percent of the vote, while Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakiscommented on the election results.

Miçotakis thanked the public for the great support he showed to himself and his party. “Our people have shown that they know the important steps our country has taken in these four years with their votes”he said.

Mitsotakis commented that according to the results of the ballot boxes, hope triumphed over pessimism and unity over discrimination, “The ballot box results proved that New Democracy had the public’s approval to come to power on its own. The voters clearly wanted this today, but they wanted one more thing from us. We need to run faster on the path of progress, bold reforms.”said.

Expressing that he is emotional and proud, Mitsotakis emphasized that he feels the weight of the responsibility that such a large vote rate imposes on him.


Mitsotakis promised to work harder to be worthy of the trust of the people and said:

“The message of the results is clear. Citizens want a strong government for a four-year mandate. With bolder reforms to quickly close the gap that still keeps us apart from Europe.”

Addressing the crowd gathered in front of his party’s headquarters, Miçotakis said, “We will start the struggle together, which will start from tomorrow and will continue until the next elections. The people have already decided this. Let the New Democracy’s power alone be confirmed mathematically at the ballot box,” he said.said.

Mitsotakis continued his words as follows:

“Let’s allow ourselves today to relax a bit, to celebrate this victory as we deserve. A brighter Greece victory against the gray Greece that some are trying to tout. So, a lot of work awaits us from tomorrow. To be able to complete the first step we took today and to be the ultimate winner. We will move forward steadily and boldly to continue the important work we have undertaken.”

According to the unofficial results of the Greek Ministry of Interior, the vote share of the New Democracy party led by Mitsotakis is over 40 percent.

New Democracy is followed by the main opposition Radical Left Alliance (SYRIZA) with around 20 percent of the vote.


According to the electoral system implemented for the first time this year in Greece, if the results of the ballot boxes do not allow any party to come to power alone, negotiations for a coalition will be held. If a consensus cannot be reached for the coalition, ballot boxes are set up for the voters for the second time.

When the ballot box goes to the ballot box for the second time, the winner party is given an additional 20 seats in the 300-seat parliament, provided that it receives at least 25 percent of the vote. Every time the vote rate exceeds 25 percent by 0.5 percent, the number of extra seats increases by one.

According to unofficial results, if New Democracy, which has more than 140 seats in the parliament, gets the same percentage of votes at the polls for the second time, the number of seats is expected to exceed 160 and it is expected to come into power alone.

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