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Election in the shadow of Abe assassination in Japan

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In the shadow of the assassination of former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, Japan went to the polls today for the regular parliamentary elections for the Advisory Assembly (Sangiin).

According to the news of Kyodo News, the Japanese voters, who go to the polls for the election held every 3 years, will determine the future of half of the 248 seats in Sangiin, which is seen as the “Upper House”.

The official campaign process of the parliamentary candidates, who will compete for a mission in a 6-year period, ended on the night of 9 July.

In the elections where 545 candidates competed, more than 30 percent of the candidates are women, which is the highest rate ever recorded.

Komeito, with its partner in the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), led by Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, currently holds 137 seats in Sangiin.

The opposition front, led by the Constitutional Democratic Party (CDP), also has 95 seats in the parliament.

Voting will end at 20:00 local time.

After the 10 July elections, national elections will not be held until 2025. If the LDP wins next week’s elections, it will consolidate Prime Minister Kishida’s authority in the 2021 elections, when he takes office.

FORMER PRIME MINISTER ABE dies in an armed attack

Abe was shot in the chest while speaking at an outdoor event opposite Yamato-Saidaiji Station in the city of Nara to support the Liberal Democratic Party candidate’s election campaign on July 8.

Abe, who was taken to the hospital with serious injuries after the attack, could not be saved.

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