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Ekşioğlu: “Turkey is not the EU’s refugee camp”

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Announcing that he is a presidential candidate for the 2023 Presidential elections, Abdullah Ekşioğlu, the former Secretary of the Press Board and director of the famous commercial cinema, the fact that the Readmission signed with the European Union covers third country citizens and said , “Turkey is not the refugee camp of the European Union.”

İSTANBUL İGFA- Abdullah Ekşioğlu, former Secretary General of the Press Council and famous advertising cinema director, who announced that he is a presidential candidate for the 2023 Presidential elections, the Readmission Agreement signed with the European Union during the exemption negotiations in 2013, and said, “The agreement covers third country citizens. When it was announced to the public, it was said that the EU would provide visa exemption to Turkish Citizens in return for the readmission of illegal immigrants crossing from Turkey to the EU. However, despite the signing of the treaty and Turkey fulfilling its commitments, the European Union did not put into effect the visa exemption application for Turkish Citizens. In fact, politicians who have diplomatic passports have succumbed to this injustice by saying that we do not need a visa from the European Union, as if they were putting my words to rest. Turkey is not the refugee camp of the European Union.” he said. Ekşioğlu, who argued that illegal immigrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other source countries, hoping to go to Europe, want to use Turkey as a transit country, and unfortunately the crossings on our borders with Iran and Syria could not be reset. He said he could not understand the logic of his return to .

Abdullah Ekşioğlu, who also criticizes President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s words at an award ceremony in 2019, “Today, European countries owe their living in peace to the fact that Turkey is hosting 4 million asylum seekers on their own soil. ” Noting that his duty is to ensure the peace of his own citizens, not Europe’s, he said, “If Erdogan had said these words at an international meeting in Europe as a reproach to European countries, I would have been with him and I would have given him reinforcements. But it is useless to say these words to the Turkish public at an award ceremony in our country.” spoke form.

Noting that if the citizens favor and is elected president, he will send all the asylum seekers in our country back to the faithful regions in their source countries, taking into account international agreements and law, in a manner befitting human dignity, Ekşioğlu said, in order to operate this process in a healthy way, he will cooperate with the official administrations of the source countries. He stated that diplomatic relations will be maintained at all levels and that the immovable properties of these individuals, if any, will be expropriated in return for their price. Adding that the readmission agreement signed with the European Union will also be reviewed, Ekşioğlu said that if the European Union hides behind any excuse and continues not to apply visa exemption to Turkish citizens, the readmission agreement will be suspended and any immigrant who has succeeded in Crossing into the European Union will not be accepted to be returned, He stated that the European Union can send the immigrants it has caught to the countries of which it is a citizen, if it wishes. Ekşioğlu stated that “if visa exemption is provided, the readmission agreement may come into play again, but individuals who will be extradited from the European Union in this way will be sent back to the countries of origin of which they are citizens”, saying that it is natural to have a measure of refugee or foreigner in every country, but this is due to a legal procedure and strict registration. He also noted that in our country, this limit has been exceeded many times over, so their determination should not be perceived as xenophobic.

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