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Ekrem İmamoğlu vetoed the ‘student discount’ decision

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In the April sessions of the IMM Assembly, the proposal to exempt students from the 40 percent increase in public transportation taken by the AKP-MHP clusters at the Transportation Integration Center (UKOME), and to cover the increase in the monthly student subscription price by IMM was put to the vote. The resolution was adopted by a majority of votes amid the debates.

İBB Leader Ekrem İmamoğlu vetoed the decision to exempt students who were accepted with the votes of the AKP-MHP cluster from the 40% increase in public transportation.


İBB Leader Ekrem İmamoğlu announced that he would veto the reduction decision passed by the parliament in the April sessions. Imamoglu’s veto decision was also included in the middle of the “additional proposals for the Presidency” of the May sessions, which will start today at the presidential building of the IMM Assembly in Saraçhane. The student discount decision will be discussed again in the IMM Assembly in the coming days.


İBB Leader Ekrem İmamoğlu made the following statement when the proposal came to the agenda regarding the exemption of subscription cards from the 40 increase in public transportation.

“As soon as I took office, we reduced your subscription from 80 lira to 40 lira. Nobody had this in mind. Today is 109 liras. However, between the day we came to the mission and the middle of today, the fuel actually tripled. If we hadn’t made that discount, it was actually 80 lira. If there was a Turkish lira, today’s transportation subscription would be 250 lira. Because of that, the cheapest subscription card in Turkey is in Istanbul

So why did we increase it? It’s not in our hands. Municipalities cannot be the reason for increasing. We are the result. So in this country, the reason for the increase in inflation is not the reason for increasing. In this country, the reason for the increase in fuel oil is not the municipality. In this country, the reason for the increase in electricity is not the municipality. All of these are the result of the economic administration. Appendix Who manages the economy? The government of this country runs it. ompelled It is the government itself that puts the country in trouble. Now, there are those who make a statement saying, ‘We will make a proposal for the IMM to meet this increase made to young people’. Instead of doing that, go bro, get a discount on the diesel price. Or taking SCT on diesel, public transport or SCT on fuel. Let me reflect this not only to young people, but to every person of this country. Do not make fun of the nation with such deceitful minds.”

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