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Eid visit from Nilay Dorsa

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The colorful musician of the music scene, Nilay Dorsa continues to work on the stage while continuing her works to present her new music to music lovers.

ISTANBUL İGFA- Popular musician Nilay Dorsa, who prefers to be at the Darülaceze during Ramadan, said that she aims to make this a tradition. Nilay Dorsa, the pleasant musician of the stages, said, “The fact that there are smiling faces around me makes me spiritually peaceful.

It was enough for me to go to the Hospice during the Eid al-Fitr and mingle with the individuals who watch the visitor’s path there. I think I came to this world to have fun,” he said. Expressing that his biggest concern when he gets older is to be alone, the nice musician added to his words that I hope I will have a Nilay Dorsam when those days come.

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