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Eid preparations completed in Kayseri Hacilar

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Kayseri’s Hacilar Municipality Leader Atty. Bilal Özdogan said that all preparations have been completed in the district before the upcoming Eid al-Adha. Özdoğan stated that the groups will continue to work throughout the holiday so that the citizens can have a peaceful holiday.

Saying, “We are always excited to reach the blessed Eid al-Adha, one of our religious holidays, as a nation,” said Kayseri’s Hacılar Municipality Leader Atty. Bilal Özdoğan noted that all preparations have been completed in the district on the occasion of the Eid al-Adha.

Leader Özdoğan said, “Cleaning, police and veterinary services will continue without interruption throughout the holiday,” and said, “Our citizens can reach the 442 37 77 phone number of our Directorate of Science throughout the Eid al-Adha.” Said.

Stating that landscaping and cleaning works are also carried out in the district cemetery for the citizens who want to visit the graves during the Eid al-Adha, the leader Özdogan reminded that the weed and cleanness works are carried out in a regular form in the district cemetery so that the citizens can visit the graves in a clean environment before the feast. Özdoğan said that in this sense, cleaning works are always carried out in the district cemetery, which is heavily visited by the citizens, and that citizens can visit the graves in a clean environment this holiday.

Mayor Özdoğan stated that in all mosques throughout the district, interior and exterior cleanliness and general maintenance work were also carried out.

He stated that the mosque cleaning group, which was established to clean the masjids throughout the district within the body of the Hacılar Municipality Directorate of Cleanliness, has completed the works for the citizens to perform their prayers in a clean environment by maintaining the cleanliness of the inside of the masjids and around the mosque and the garden.

President Özdoğan also said, “We will also hold our holiday program in our district on the third day of the holiday at 17:00 at Hacılar Cafe Restaurant. All our fellow countrymen are invited to our program.

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