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Ecuadorian President Lasso suspends dialogue with indigenous representatives

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Lasso, who made statements to national television, stated that the military convoy was attacked in the city of Shushufindi in the Amazon region of the country, and that the meeting with the head of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples (Conaie) was suspended.

Emphasizing that one soldier was killed and 12 wounded in the attack, Lasso said, “The government cannot sit down with those who intend to usurp the peace of the Ecuadorians. 100 people attacked a convoy protecting the tankers carrying fuel to Shushufindi.” he used the term.

Offering his condolences to the family of the deceased soldier, Lasso noted that the military convoy was attacked with firearms and spears.


Explaining that a truck carrying oxygen for seriously ill patients was also blocked in the city of Azuay in the south of the country, Lasso said, “We are receiving news of people dying due to lack of oxygen. It is a mistake to play with the lives of clean people. We will not negotiate with those who try to take Ecuador hostage. Dialogue process with those who attack our security forces and play with the health of our people.” ca n’t go on. “he said he.

Stating that they will not sit down with the locals unless the necessary guarantees are provided, Lasso said, “We gave concrete answers to the demands of our local brothers. We will be closed to dialogue with Leonidas Iza, who only defends his political interests. ” he spoke in.

Pointing out that the provocateurs are trying to establish violence in the country, Lasso invited businessmen, teachers and tradesmen to become a national unity.

In the statement made yesterday on Conaie’s Twitter account, “A meeting will be held with five valuable officials of the state at 14:00 local time (28 June). word was included.


Thousands of people, locals, have been holding shows for about 2 weeks with demands for more money to be allocated for education, lowering fuel prices and controlling the prices of agricultural products.

It has been stated that 5 protesters have died and more than 200 protesters have been injured, 18 of them seriously, during the protests against the Lasso government.

President Lasso, on the other hand, evaluates the shows as a coup attempt against his government.

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