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e-export supplements became obvious

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It was decided to support the rapidly increasing e-commerce and e-exports in order to increase their share in today’s developing conditions. The decision on e-export supplements was published in the Official Gazette with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

ANKARA (IGFA) – Within the scope of e-export bases to be carried out by the Ministry of Commerce, it has been announced that companies will support the purchase of order fulfillment services in order to ensure the rapid delivery of click advertising expenditures returning to sales in foreign markets and the fast delivery of orders from the destination country.

The goal of e-export bases was explained as increasing the efficiency of these platforms and providing more input to the country.

The Presidential Decision on the Basis for e-Export entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette.

With the decision, the preparation of companies, marketplaces and retail e-commerce sites for e-export, the online exhibition and promotion of Turkish works and brands in foreign markets and marketplaces, the support of the costs of ensuring fast delivery of foreign orders and the companies’ e-export. Methods and foundations for e-export consortiums that will provide opportunities for the activities of Turkey E-Export Platform to be covered by the Support and Price Stabilization Fund (DFIF) were arranged.

In this middle, e-export consortiums were introduced as innovations, and it was aimed to include the works of companies that have the potential for works on e-export, but lack information or lack qualified human resources, into the ecosystem. It will be ensured that companies that can carry out e-export end-to-end and have overseas storage, distribution and return management facilities will reach foreign markets under the umbrella of the “e-export consortium” and these products will be presented directly to foreign customers.


According to the President’s decision on the basis of e-export published in the current issue of the Official Gazette, the consumption of e-commerce-oriented reports purchased by e-commerce sites and marketplaces in order to create market entry strategies and action plans is 50 percent and up to 1.5 million liras, The digital marketplace promotion costs will not exceed 50 percent with a 3-year term, 7.5 million liras per year, 15 million liras per year for e-commerce sites, 25 million liras per year for e -export consortia, depending on the level of companies.


The sales rate of Turkish works, the sales rate of the brand and branded works within the scope of the TURQUALITY Reinforcement Program will be taken as a basis in calculating the rate of supplements within the scope of digital marketplace promotion reinforcement, order fulfillment service and warehouse rental basis, and market place committee expense basis. From the supplements within the scope of this section, depending on the level of companies, e-export consortiums, retail e-commerce sites and marketplaces will be supported up to a maximum of 45 million pounds per year, and B2B platforms will be supported up to a maximum of 4 million liras per year.

You can click to reach the details of the decision regarding the said grounds.

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