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Drought in Italy… Ornamental ponds closed

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The drought crisis in Italy due to temperatures above seasonal normals and low precipitation rates caused alarm.

In Milan, Italy’s second largest city, the municipality resorted to measures to close ornamental pools and not operate air conditioners below 26 degrees.

According to the news reported by Övgü Pınar from BBC News, temperatures throughout Italy in May were 1.83 degrees above the 1991-2020 average. In June, a “red” alert, the highest warning level, was issued in many cities due to the high temperatures.

Precipitation rates were even lower than in 2017, when the lowest precipitation record since the 1800s was set in mid-January-May.

The water level in the country’s longest river, the Po, has dropped to its lowest level in 70 years. Water use restrictions have been imposed in dozens of areas in the Po pressure region, which is critical for agricultural production.

Finally, Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala announced yesterday that they have taken a series of drought measures.

Archbishop Mario Delpini, the highest representative of the Catholic Church in Milan, went to pray for rain yesterday. Delpini made a “pilgrimage” to 3 churches in regions where the drought problem is severe and he prayed with the congregation.

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