DP’s İlay Aksoy talked about the asylum seekers’ intervention in the ballot box: A threat to our sovereignty

Democratic Party Immigration and Social Policies President Ilay Aksoy, He said that too many foreign nationals voted in the first round of the election, both abroad and in Turkey. Aksoy, on the 14 May elections Republic’made evaluations.

Aksoy pointed out that the same people will vote in the second round. “Ministers constantly come out and say, ‘We will not send our Syrian brothers back, we will not upset them. Because they don’t want to lose their vote. Don’t motivate them to go to the ballot box. The element that threatens our sovereignty is the refugees. Türkiye is currently directly intervened in the ballot box because of these votes. said. Aksoy, “It is said that foreign powers are interfering with our sovereignty by the citizenships given by them inside themselves”he added.

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(İlay Aksoy)


“Syrians currently have a very serious organizational power within themselves”Says Aksoy, “They stay in constant communication through messaging apps. They do not need to learn Turkish either” said. Stating that the society has undergone a radical change due to the refugees, Aksoy said, “Türkiye is under a massive demographic attack. In 2017, the government changed the 11th article of the Population Law No. 5490 to make these people invisible. They became able to change their names from the civil registry offices without the need for a court. That’s why we don’t know how many strangers we live with.”used the phrases.

Saying that the way to find a solution to the refugee problem is to establish the Ministry of Immigration, Aksoy said, “We urgently need to return to the principle of ‘peace at home, peace in the world’. We need to have very good relations with our neighbors so that we can solve our problems together.”said.

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