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Do monkeypox events bring street restrictions?

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After the monkeypox virus was seen in England on 7 May, it was detected in 12 more countries in about 2 weeks, causing concern that the disease would turn into an epidemic worldwide. The virus has so far been seen in the UK, as well as the USA, Germany, Australia, Belgium, France, Spain, Israel, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and Portugal.

In his statement on the subject, Fish underlined that monkeypox is not a virus that can be transmitted quickly through airborne droplets and inhalation, as in Covid-19.

Stating that heavy and close contact is required for the virus to be transmitted from person to person, Pisces said, “The number of monkeypox events officially announced by the World Health Organization is around 90, there are 56 suspicious events. Therefore, when we compare it with Covid-19, we see that the rate of spread is extremely slow. “The contagion situation does not require going to closures as in Covid-19. In general, if we follow the hygiene measures in our contact with people, the spread of this virus will not be easy.” he said.

Pointing out that the mode of transmission of the monkeypox virus in the fish was different from the years when it was detected for the first time in the world, the fish made small-scale epidemics when the virus first appeared. It was transmitted from rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels to humans, remained regional and did not spread. At that time, there was no transmission from animals to humans. “While we are at the forefront, we now see that there is also human-to-human transmission. Because we see that the virus spreads among individuals who have no contact with Africa and the regions where the disease is common and endemic. This makes us think that there is a change in the virus that facilitates the transmission from human to human. Research on this continues.”


Saying that monkeypox is directly related to the smallpox virus, Fish continued:

“Since smallpox was wiped out from the world, smallpox vaccination was abandoned after 1980. Those over the age of 45 are vaccinated with smallpox, they have smallpox vaccination marks on their arms. Studies show that more than 80 percent of these individuals are also protected against this virus. The disease is more common in young people. “The fact that they are not vaccinated may play a role in their severe course. In fact, some countries have started to rapidly produce the new generation of smallpox vaccine and apply it to risk clusters. This may also happen in other countries, depending on the spread of the disease.”

Fish, stating that there is no definite treatment for the disease, but there are some drugs that are effective against this virus cluster, said, “If the virus continues to spread, which of these drugs will be more effective will be observed quickly and drug treatment will be determined soon.”


Stressing that the lethality of the disease is low, Balık said, “Monkeypox virus is not as lethal as smallpox. We can also say that the virus is not as lethal as it was in the years it emerged. No deaths have been observed so far When the virus first appeared, up to 10 percent in a region, In the other region, there was less than 1 percent death, but the lethality rate of the virus, which is probably in disfigured spread now, is probably even lower. will probably not be deadly at all. We will see that in time.” made its assessment.

prof. Dr. Pointing out that the smallpox vaccine can be effective even in individuals who have just contracted the disease, İsmail Balık shared the information, “It also seems that it can be used in the treatment of disease with the serum we call ‘pox serum’. Smallpox serum can be obtained by aggravating the antibodies in the blood of people who have had smallpox or have been vaccinated.”


Noting that the diagnosis of monkeypox can be made quickly, Pisces said:

“It can be understood quickly by looking at the course of the disease. First of all, it starts with symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle pain and back pain. Then it progresses with skin redness and liquid-filled rashes up to the size Of chickpeas. Especially this fluid is very contagious. Individuals in this state should isolate themselves, “They should not come into contact with others. In this context, if healthcare professionals intervene in the patient without protection, it can be contagious. Those who can come into contact with such people, such as police officers, should also be careful.”

The fish said that the disease is not transmitted during the incubation period, when the symptoms do not appear, and said, “The disease begins to spread after the symptoms begin. The hatching period is usually in the middle of 6 to 13 days, but it can also change in the middle of 5 to 21 days. After the incubation period, the disease process lasts up to 2-4 weeks. is happening.” said she.

prof. Dr. Pointing out that the disease, which can be easily diagnosed compared to Covid-19, will be determined quickly in case of a random event in Turkey, Balık, said: “It is recommended that those who have contact with the sick person stay in quarantine for about 20 days, but what form will this new form of the virus possibly undergone? It will become clear in the coming days how it is transmitted, how it is transmitted, what kind of clinical picture it creates and how it will be treated. included his words.


Indicating that he thinks the monkey flower will not negatively affect tourism, Balık said:

“I don’t think the world will go into a random shutdown, considering the contagion of the virus. We don’t need to be uneasy as an individual, and I don’t think there will be any negative effects in terms of tourism . If general hygienic precautions are followed, there will be no random problems in terms of the spread of the virus in the community or negatively affecting tourism.”

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