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Diesel second big discount

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Starting from midnight, the diesel engine, which has been discounted by 2 liras and 50 cents, will receive a discount of 84 cents, effective from 30 June 2022. Thus, diesel will be cheaper by 3 liras and 34 cents in 24 hours.

After the increase in dollar and brent oil prices, there is a discount in diesel, whose price has increased rapidly with the consecutive increases, after last night. According to the sources of the fuel department, there will be a discount of 84 cents in the liter price of diesel, effective from midnight tonight.

Fuel oil dropped from 30 liras to 2.7.5 liras at midnight.

There was a 2.5 lira discount on diesel last night. Thus, in two days, a discount of 3 liras and 34 cents came in diesel. There will be no change in fuel and LPG tonight, either. Department sources stated that if the decline in dollar and brent oil prices continues, new discounts are at the door.

How much will the discounted diesel prices be?

With the discount, the liter price of diesel will decrease to approximately 26.62 TL in Istanbul, 26.73 TL in Ankara and 26.75 TL in İzmir. The liter of fuel is sold for approximately 27.30 TL in Istanbul and 27.42 TL in Ankara and İzmir.

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