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Didim MHP had a meeting with the press at breakfast

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Mustafa Sağdıç, who was appointed as Didim District Leader of the Didim Nationalist Movement Party, and his administration came to the fore at a breakfast meeting with members of the press.

Kemal ETLEÇ/ DIDIM POSTASI)- Sağdıç stated that as the Organization, they will always be in the field and will not leave a door unturned, and that they will not allow any action or statement that will damage the People’s alliance.

Didim Working Journalists Association Leader Bahri Yaba, ABGC Didim representative Bülent Eser and press members attended the event held in a cafe in Altınkum. After the breakfast, District Leader Sağdıç, who gave information about the process that came to the press, said, “I was appointed to the duty of District President with the appreciation and approval of our Headquarters. We created a new administration. We have a governing council of 50 people; We have units and our responsible friend in each unit also continues to serve as the deputy leader of the district. We are a young and dynamic team. We will try to analyze Didim’s issues by drawing a profile other than what is known. Sometimes we will be in the city center, sometimes next to the farmer, and sometimes in a mountain corner with our people. As our Provincial Leader Haluk Alicik said, we did not shake hands, we will not leave a door. We will always have a structure that will be intertwined with the public in the field.”

Groomsman stated that they will continue to work as the MHP depending on the People’s Alliance and said, “We will avoid actions and pronunciations that will harm the People’s Alliance. Those who will harm this have no place in our organization. We will work with all our strength for the 2023 elections. After the institution visits, we will take our place in the field as an organization and will work with all our strength to be successful in the elections.” he said he


The most striking statement in the statements of MHP Didim District Leader Mustafa Sağdıç said, “Assignments of our members of the Board of Directors will be completed in a short time , then we will have institution visits. As I just said, we will always be in the field. Our red line is that we will not be visiting parties that are included in the disgrace alliance.” it happened.

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