Devlet Bahçeli will be ‘temporary speaker of the Parliament’: ‘oath crisis’ message to HDP

After the election, the picture of parties and deputies in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey became clear. The Parliament is expected to open within 3 days after the YSK announces the final results. The first plenary session of the 28th term of the TGNA is held in accordance with the TGNA Rules of Procedure. “oldest member”as MHP leader Devlet Bahceli will manage. Bahçeli had not accepted this task in previous years.


However, this period “it is different” is expressed. Bahceli’s period “if he does not accept the task”HDP, who served as interim Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Cengiz Candar would stay. Commonwealth of Nations, It would not be appropriate for a HDP member to moderate the session in the Veteran Parliament, who led the War of Independence.”united in his opinion.

At the request of Bahceli, Erdogan “temporary chairman of the parliament”Another purpose of his “It is to prevent the oath crisis experienced by HDP deputies in previous years” is expressed. to this situation Leyla Zana example is given. Zana at the swearing-in ceremony after the November 1, 2015 election “Turkish nation”instead of expression “Nation of Türkiye”had used the phrase.

After this statement of Zana, “Interim Speaker of the Parliament” Deniz Baykal had declared Zana’s oath invalid. The commission process was initiated for Zana, for whom a schedule of absenteeism was kept, and her parliamentary position was dismissed.

It is also noted that the People’s Alliance does not want to allow a similar situation.

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