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DEVA Youth: We will not let go of suicide incidents

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The suicide of three students (Halil Gülçan, Muhammet Emre Kandemir, Muhammed Kaya) in the KYK dormitories located on the Akdeniz University campus within a month triggered the DEVA Party.

ANKARA (IGFA) – Regarding the suicide incidents that took place in KYK dormitories within a month, DEVA Party Youth Politics Leader Lawyer Tabiat Şanlıoğlu said that they will not give up on the suicide incidents.

Inviting the events to be clarified, Şanlıoğlu said in a statement that they would continue to keep suicide incidents on the agenda.

Şanlıoğlu said, “While even the life of a single young friend of ours is invaluable, the successive suicide news coming from the campus should be investigated in an important way,” said Şanlıoğlu. We have been keeping the issues and suicide incidents of our young friends staying in student dormitories on the agenda for a long time, and we will continue to do so. We, as DEVA Party, will not stop pursuing this matter until the suicide incidents at Akdeniz University are clarified.”

In his statement, Şanlıoğlu stated that thousands of young friends who are trying to continue their lives in the crisis environment caused by the wicked administration are struggling today and they cannot even dream about the future, and said, “We are faced with a wicked administrative arrangement that destroys the dreams of our youth. Our young friends, who cannot even dream about their future, end their lives. The bad administration has now started to produce irreparable results. As the DEVA Party, we believe that we must first solve the basic problems of the youth. We will redesign the student dormitories according to the necessities of the age. We will create comfortable living spaces for students. We will increase production and employment opportunities in every field. We will ensure equality of opportunity in education. create a system where it pays off.”

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