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DEVA: “We will work effectively for the return of the works smuggled abroad”

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DEVA Party Culture, Art and Tourism Policies Leader Helün Fırat said that under their rule, they will bring museums to the price it deserves.

ANKARA (IGFA) – DEVA Party Culture, Art and Tourism Policy Leader Helün Fırat, in a statement on the occasion of the 18 May Museums Day, drew attention to the lost artifacts scandal and destruction that was reflected in the reports of the Court of Accounts last year. Reminding that the warehouses and laboratory of the Istanbul Archeology Museum were moved despite the announcement of the experts, Fırat said that the troubles experienced in museology were going through a period in which they took their lives.


As DEVA Party, we have integrated our museums into the understanding of life-long education, keep a place in the memories of our children as they grow up, become frequent destinations for our youth, and serve all parts of our country, Stating that they will expand it in accordance with the context, Fırat said, “We will carry out modern and technological infrastructure works in order to keep the museum inventories modern and transparent. We will also start a period in which we work much more actively to return our works smuggled abroad.”

Stating that they are working for a new understanding of museology, Helün Fırat said, “We are working to establish a new understanding of museology in which archaeologists, restorers and art historians are employed, based on a merit-based system, according to their expertise in museums. Under the DEVA Party government, we will bring museums to the value it deserves.”

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