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DEVA: We will solve health in 5 steps

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DEVA Party General Leader Ali Babacan announced the Health Breakthrough Action Plan at his party’s headquarters.

ANKARA (IGFA) – Announced the DEVA Party’s Health Breakthrough Action Plan, which consists of five titles.

According to the Action Plan; citizens will have access to qualified examination in family medicine. Transportation to city hospitals will be free of charge. Healthcare workers’ incomes will be increased, their professional dignity will be protected and their shift periods will be shortened. The General Health Insurance coverage package will be restructured.

Announcing the Health Breakthrough Action Plan at the headquarters of his party, DEVA Party General Leader Ali Babacan said that the health system, which has been severely challenged by the COVID-19 epidemic, is on the verge of total bankruptcy. “We will not hesitate to take radical steps,” Babacan said.

Claiming that the prescription of the health system will be DEVA Party, Babacan said, “We will build a strong health system. Health is a human right. A country with a decaying health system loses its quality as a social state. Our Breakthrough Action Plan in Health; It aims at a system that will satisfy all the stakeholders of the health department.”


Noting that our Breakthrough Action Plan in Health constitutes the main limits of our model of an accessible and fair health system for all, General Leader Babacan said, “It is the summary of what we will do in the 90 and 360 days of our government for the great transformation in the health system. We will solve it step by step,” he said.

Your health is not in the hospital; Babacan stated that they knew it was appropriate that it started at home, on the street, at school, at work, in the market, in the market, on the bus, in the subway, and noted that they would try to prevent the spread of diseases and therefore, first of all, they would strengthen the protective health services.

“Secondly, we will increase our diagnosis and treatment capacity,” said Babacan, “We will strive to provide the highest quality health service in the process that begins after people get sick. We will not hesitate to take radical steps in the health system. We will tidy up the referral chain and the appointment system,” he said.

Noting that they will place family medicine at the center of the health system, Babacan said, “We will ensure that matters are resolved at the primary level. We will rapidly increase the number of qualified family physicians. Thus, we will reduce the population per family physician. We will strengthen the income, personal and social rights of family physicians and supplement workers.”


Babacan said, “We will not overwhelm family medicine with bureaucracy, and we will not bother with unnecessary processes. We will also innovate internally and externally in all Family Health Centers. We will beautify the buildings and technical equipment of these centers. We will increase worker and service capacities. We will stop seeing family medicine as a figurative preliminary step for hospital referral. In this way, our citizens will be able to have a qualified and comprehensive examination in family medicine.”

Stating that they will provide free transportation to the City Hospitals in the middle, Babacan noted that they will subject the existing city hospitals, which are made with Public Private Cooperation, to technical, administrative, legal and legislative controls, and that they will undoubtedly follow the irregularities detected.


DEVA Party Health Policies Leader Aysun Hatipoğlu explained the details of the action plan.

Hatipoğlu said that their goal is to “rebuild the health system, which is stuck in a 5-minute examination, with a 5×5 approach and to create a Turkey where both the service provider and the service provider are pleasant”.

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