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Detection from Saadet Party members in Bursa before the feast

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Felicity Party in Bursa visited the market places due to the approach of the Feast of Sacrifice and made some observations. Party members, who shared their findings with a press release, pointed out that all sales points in the province, except Osmangazi Veysel Karani and İnegöl animal market, are in a situation that threatens human health.

BURSA (IGFA) – Felicity Party Bursa Provincial Leader İbrahim Özacar, who established a committee to identify the problems of the qurban bazaars on the spot and produce solutions, shared his trays with the press.

Pointing out that the setbacks at animal sales points threaten human health, the party members said, “Animal owners have been forced to live in environments that do not befit human dignity. Citizens complain about high prices, producers complain about high cost and input prices. Compared to previous years, the number of animals has decreased, the number of female animals has increased. “Complaints have emerged in the sale of animals that do not have a sacrificial cross section, and the control is insufficient,” he said.

Explaining that the Bursa provincial and district organization visited the producers who came to Bursa from different cities of Anatolia to sell their sacrificial animals on the occasion of the feast, at the sacrificial animal sales markets, and listened to the problems faced by our guest producers at first hand, the party members conveyed the analysis to the relevant parties, especially the political power, due to their responsible opposition understanding. He said that they are working with focus.

Pointing out that problems that do not befit human dignity have been encountered in these works that I have been involved in and have been carrying out for the last three years, the party members noted that it is unacceptable to deprive the tradesmen of sacrificial animals from the basic human rights of shelter, rest, eating, drinking areas, bathrooms, toilets, etc. .

Saying, “The producer complains about the high costs and the citizens about the high prices,” Saadet Party members pointed out that all sales points, except Osmangazi Veysel Karani and İnegöl animal market, are in a situation that threatens human health in the studies carried out throughout Bursa, and said, “To fix this bad environment is local and generally the top priority of the government. We are calling out to our local managers, please listen to our warnings. During the slaughtering process, at least one ambulance should be allocated to animal slaughtering places and sales points.Regional health centers should be kept open during the slaughtering process. It should be cut by professional butchers dressed in clothes, Municipality Butchers Chamber, Meat and Fish Institution should cooperate with public institutions on this issue.

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