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Deniz Berktay reports from Kyiv: ‘Two birds with one stone’ from Ukraine

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War and martial law conditions do not preclude domestic turmoil: One of Ukraine’s big oligarchs (influential businessmen) and politicians, Ukrainian Parliament Member Viktor Medvedchuk, known for his pro-Russian streak, said last year, cooperation and treason with separatists in Donbas and with Russia. He was sentenced to housing imprisonment. Mevdevçuk, who fled after the war started, was caught last month and sent to prison this time. Medvedchuk was accused of exporting coal to Ukraine from areas under the control of pro-Russian separatists in Donbas, thus providing financial aid to terrorists. Viktor Medvedçuk, in the video broadcast he made yesterday from the prison with the support of the Ukraine Security Service (SBU), said that he carried out the coal trade with the separatists in 2015-2016 with the support of the then State Leader Petro Poroshenko and gave information about the bet. On the other hand, he revealed that Poroshenko had benefited by privatizing one of the oil pipeline borders from Russia to the West in a methodless form.


Poroshenko’s lawyer said that Medvedchuk’s speech from prison with state means and initiative was a campaign of the SBU aimed at domestic politics.

When Zelensky came to power, he received votes from both the pro-Russian southern and eastern regions of Ukraine, and the nationalist-leaning central and western regions. However, after a while, he came under the crossfire of both Medvedchuk, who appealed to the pro-Russians, and Poroshenko, who appealed to the Westerners. Zelensky liquidated Medvedchuk last year in line with the rhetoric of “fight against the oligarchs” (Bastı did not speak out because Medvedchuk was pro-Russian). Against Poroshenko, who has US reinforcements, a lawsuit was filed four months ago on charges of “treason”. Now, Zelenski had the opportunity to liquidate both of these two rivals, who opened fire on him from two different points, and showed them in connection with two different tendencies. The liquidation of the pro-Western Poroshenko has become easier, as his relations with Western countries (especially England) have improved recently. It is predicted that the war will also shape the internal politics of Ukraine.

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