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Deniz Berktay reports from Kyiv: The war in Ukraine is getting worse

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Kuleba, while saying that the victory for them in the first times of the war was the complete withdrawal of the Russian army from the occupied areas as of February 24, now stated that the victory for them is the withdrawal of the Russians from all the occupied lands. Since the Russians also captured Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and parts of Donbas in 2014, these words of the Ukrainian minister mean that the Ukrainian army intends to fight until the Russians are forced to withdraw from Crimea. Since the Russian administration attaches great importance to the Crimea, this goal set by the Ukrainian administration points out that the war will be prolonged and intensified.


Another development that reduced the chances of peace was that in the Kherson province, which Russia occupied in March, pro-Russian administrators applied to Russian State Leader Vladimir Putin and demanded that the Kherson business be connected to Russia. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, indicated that the fate of Kherson would be determined by the people of Kherson, and signaled that a referendum would be held in Kherson to be connected to Russia. In addition to being one of the agricultural centers of Ukraine, Kherson has the distinction of being a port city where the Dnieper River empties into the Black Sea.


The Russian army launched missile attacks on military facilities and infrastructure facilities near Ukraine’s Zaporozhye provincial center. Ukrainian authorities say that Russia is preparing a general influx into Zaporozhye in the coming days.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian army continued its counterattack in the northeastern city of Kharkov and recaptured some villages from the Russians. Ukrainian officials say the Ukrainian army could launch a general counteroffensive by the end of the month if the necessary weapons aid arrives from the West within a few days.

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