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Deniz Berktay reports from Kyiv: Russia is under siege

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The political rapprochement between Ukraine and England is becoming more concrete every day. Britain, which does not want the war to end with mutual reconciliation in a short time, and advocates for Russia to be worn out in Ukraine with a long-term effort, is also increasing its arms base towards Ukraine.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who attended the Ukrainian parliament online the previous day, said that no country can impose on Ukraine the issue of reconciliation with Russia, thus making a stand for countries that want to mediate in the war . Ukrainian State Leader Volodymyr Zelensky, in his speech in the parliament, stated that the Ukrainians and the British have become brothers by leaving their partnership. In a statement he gave, Zelenski noted that the negotiations with Russia continue at a low level, but he does not believe that these will yield results.


On the other hand, Russia is going through a period when it has the worst relations with its eastern neighbor, Japan. The Japanese government’s sanctions against Russia due to the war and banning nearly 400 Russian citizens, including Putin, from Japan, furthermore, made the South Kuril Islands, which Russia had taken from Japan in the Second World War, an “occupied territory”. ”, led to the reaction of Moscow. Russia has imposed an entry ban on 63 Japanese nationals, including Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Foreign Minister Hayasi Yoshimasa and Defense Minister Kisi Nobua. Experts point out that the previous government of Japan did not react to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 and did not impose impose, whereas the new government started to follow policies that are completely anti-Russian.

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