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DEKEST gained social responsibility this year

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DEKFEST Spring Festival 2022 took place at the weekend with all its enthusiasm. The main theme of the festival, which was held with the heavy participation of students and parents, was social responsibility.

İZMİR İGFA- UCİM, TEMA, Blood Dostu, Behçet Uz Foundation, Entrepreneurial Ladies, which took part in the festival held in the garden of Private İzmir Dokuz Eylül College, had the opportunity to explain their activities to thousands of İzmir residents with the stands they set up. The revenues of the festival were left to these associations or foundations.

With the presentation of the famous radio broadcaster Mustafa Karslıoğlu at DEKFEST, which was held for the 2nd time this year, the attendees had hours of fun. The festival was broadcast live on Radio Pause at the same time. School administrators, UCİM Leader Saadet Özkan, Masterchef competitor Safanur Bol and officials from other participating organizations were guests of the live broadcast. In the festival, which was full, there were robotic coding, kite, design-painting, science, Masterchef and drama workshops as well as survivor parkour, author interviews, dance shows, bubble show, magician shows, DJ performances throughout the day. Participating sports clubs, sports activities and playgrounds set up in playgrounds were also highly sought after by students. Masterchef competitor Safanur Bol made delicious food with children in workshops.

Private Izmir Dokuz Eylul College Founder Erkan Özseçkin said, “We have a big theme at this year’s DEKFEST. This comes from the value we place on social responsibility. With this love, we have foundations, female entrepreneurs and cooperatives in this year’s festival. All the income obtained here will be shared with these associations or foundations participating in our festival. For example Yaren Baby Project of Behçet Uz Children’s Hospital Foundation. With the Yaren Bebek Project, our children with leukemia, inpatients or outpatients will be supported. We want all our citizens to visit children’s hospitals. We want them to be reinforced. Last year, we established the WEK Forest with the TEMA Foundation. This year, saplings will be planted to reinforce this forest. We aim to achieve these saplings with all our students and parents in WEC. Our female entrepreneurs exhibited their handicrafts here. He also explained his activities at UCİM at our festival. We would like to thank all our participants and everyone who contributed”.

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