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Death toll rises to 10 in storm that hit Canada

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It was announced that the loss of life increased to 10 in the storm, which showed the effect of the weekend in Canada’s Ontario and Quebec provinces. Trees fell and electrical wires were damaged in the province of Ontario, where thousands of people were without power due to winds reaching 120 kilometers per hour.


Canadian electricity company Hydro One announced that as of yesterday afternoon, 185 thousand individuals could not be supplied with electricity, and 380 thousand people had electricity after the repair works. Hydro Quebec, on the other hand, announced that there were 1,500 power outages on the provincial border, affecting 200,000 people. Hydro Ottawa stated that electricity was restored to more than 70,000 individuals in the morning yesterday, while work is continuing for 110,000 people. It was reported that support groups from the capital city of Toronto and the state of New Brunswick would come to the region to repair the damage.

A state of emergency was declared in two towns

The towns of Uxbridge and Clarence-Rockland in the province of Ontario were declared in great condition due to the destruction caused by the storm.

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