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Daily electricity production and consumption information announced (6 June 2022)

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According to the data of Türkiye Elektrik İletişim AŞ at 10.00, the highest electricity consumption was at 22:00 with 35 thousand 800 megawatt hours yesterday, and the lowest consumption was at 07.00 with 27 thousand 172 megawatt hours.

On a daily basis, 781 thousand 149 megawatt-hours of electricity was produced yesterday, and consumption was recorded as 785 thousand 860 megawatt-hours.

Hydroelectric power plants with dams took the first place in production with a share of 18.4%. This was followed by natural gas with 16.7 percent and imported coal power plants with 13.9 percent.

On the other hand, 12 thousand 672 megawatt-hours of electricity were exported and 17 thousand 384 megawatt-hours of electricity was imported yesterday.

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